The Orphanage Map [Horror/Adventure Map]

The Orphanage Map is the scariest map for Minecraft” – REMO So I knew there should be a version of this map on Pocket Edition.

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I wanted someone to port this map but sadly no has tried porting it. So I decided to take the challenge and porting this Awesome Map. I used redstone alternatives to create jump scares but sadly there’s only a few of them. The texture pack was not ported because when I did, the pictures were pixelated and the player wouldn’t be able to tell what it was supposed to be. So I created one. There is a MCPE Bug where if you go far enough paintings despawn off the walls, so many paintings aren’t there. It is also not as climactic as it is in PC because MCPE still doesn’t have custom sounds.
The Orphanage Map

orphanage 1

orphanage 2

orphanage 3

orphanage 4


iOS Non-Jailbreak Install

iOS Jailbreak Install

Android Install

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