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Pokecube Mod IS A mod combining two incredible popular games: Pokémon and Minecraft. In Minecraft on PC there is a mod called Pixelmon. It is likely that Pokecube is an inspiration from Pixelmon as the similarities are quite a few. The mod is incredible even though it is in an active development phase. You will find many elements in this mod similar to Pokémon. Some of the things include the Pokéballs, pokémons (new mobs), leveling and new items.

Download Links

Pokecube V4
(It comes with the texture pack!)
Pokecube V3
Old version:
Pokecube V2.9

Pokecube V2.7

Info & Screens

Even though it’s at this point a simple mod it wouldn’t be a surprise if it has gotten quite complex in a couple of months of time. If you dig Pokémon this mod is definitely worth a shot.
Current Features in Pokecube PE v2.9:
-Pokemon: More than 90+ Pokemon!
-Battle System: Cool battle system in place!
-Levels: You can level up pokemon.
-Intelligent spawning system: A cool spawning system for pokemon! Some mobs will only spawn at night.
-Rare Candys:
Currently the only way to level up your Pokemon!
Was made for catching Pokemon!
-Potion / Super Potion / Hyper Potion / Max Potion:
Were made for healing Pokemon during a Battle!
-Choosing Starter Pokemon: Choose out of the Kanto/Johto/Hoenn Starter Pokemon!
-Healing Table: Healing Tables to heal fainted or injured Pokemon!
-PC: Wanna catch a new Pokemon? Release it with the PC!
Creator: Hexdro

Pokecube Mod MCPE
How to Install:
Unzip Pokecube PE v2.9.
There should be two files inside, Pokecube PE.js and Texture.zip
Using Block Launcher – import the Pokecube PE.js and select Texture.zip as the texture pack you will be using.
Voila, it should work. Have fun playing.

How to get started?

When you have installed the mod (download link in the bottom of the page) and launched the game and is in the Minecraft PE app then tap on any piece of dirt to start the journey of Pokecube.

As you do that Professor Oak and three different blocks should appear infront of you. The blocks should be the following:

  1. Red – Fire type
  2. Blue – Water type
  3. Green – Grass type

Choose the type you want to play as and then catch a Pokémon corresponding to the type you chose.

Item Information & IDs

  • Pokeball 1 (489 or 495) – A non-craftable item. Used for catching your first Pokémon.
  • Pokeball 2-6 (490, 491, 492, 493, 494) – A craftable item which you can use to catch any type of Pokémon.
  • Poke-Flute (449) – Use it to spawn Snorlax (tap on the ground).
  • Saddle (329) – Tap on a Pokémon with the item to ride it.
  • Poffin (453) – Tap on a Pokémon to feed it.
  • Stats Checker (454)

Mod Showcase:

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