Progressive Survival Mod

Progressive Survival Idea is to increase the difficulty and as well the challenge in the early minecraft game as well adding some really cool features that could really increment the fun for early gameplay.

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-You spawn in a new world the first thing you would imagine to do is to get some wood, well currently isn’t obtainable, instead you immediately go cut some leaves down in order to have a chance to get some wood branches.
Progressive Survival Mod 1
-While doing this you should get some gravel too! It will have a use as soon as it turns into flint!

Progressive Survival Mod 2
-With the 3 branches you can make 1 stick. Then with 1 stick and 1 flint you can craft your very first weapon: the flint dagger!

Progressive Survival Mod 3
-Using the dagger get some food from the animals and if finding any sheeps you really should get their wool.
-Now if its still not night time you can try to harvest some flint to make you progress with your wood quest.

Progressive Survival Mod 4
-With 1 stick and 3 flint you can craft a flint hatchet, now you can harvest wood.

Progressive Survival Mod 5
-Now relax during the night in a dirt hole.Sleep well!

Progressive Survival Mod 6
-Look is morning! Explore and get some wood to make your starting tools and do the normal mcpe gameplay.

-Wait is that clay?It might come in handy!
Progressive Survival Mod 7

-Lets smelt the clay! 3 Clay bricks make 1 clay bucket, very useful!
Progressive Survival Mod 8

-Nice you can gain water, lava and milk! Fantastic!
-Now with all the equipment you are ready to continue you adventure!

-Wait Zombies?Kill them and in a crafting table add some sugar to their rotten flesh! Yummy!
Progressive Survival Mod 9

Thanks a lot guys!


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