Random Mob Textures mod

Does it ever feel weird to you that every mob looks exactly the same? Have you ever wanted there to be a little variance in the game? Random Mob Textures mod will help you do it.

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RMT randomly chooses a texture for each mob whenever it spawns. This gives each mob a unique feel and makes the game a lot more lively.

Included in the mod is a demo texture pack with mobs inspired by this album. However, any texture pack can be made to support this mod! Read the readme in the download for instructions and how to add RMT support to your texture pack.

Random Mob Textures mod 1

Random Mob 2

Random Mob 3

Random Mob 4

Random Mob 5

Random Mob 6

Random Mob 7

Random Mob 8

Random Mob 9

Random Mob 10

Random Mob 11


First of all, to use any mod/mods you will need Blocklauncher or Blocklauncher pro. You can find it on the app store (for kindle and android only).

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Step 2 : Open Blocklauncher(free/pro).

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Step 4 : Click the manage ModPE scripts option.

Step 5 : Click the import button.

Step 6 : Click the Local storage button.

Step 7 : Find where the mods that you downloaded went (usually under downloads).

Step 8 : Click the mod that you wish to install.

Step 9 : Enjoy the mod/mods that you installed.

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