Super Powers Mod

Another Tommy’s mod called Super Powers Mod. This mod allows you to obtain super powers and rule ALL, watch the video link for instructions:

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Item IDs & Crafting Recipes:

– Super CPU (413) – 3 redstone dusts + 2 glass panes.
– Fire Blaster (404) – 1 super cpu + 2 iron ingots + 2 gold ingots.
– Radioactive Blast (412) – 4 radiation gems + 1 super cpu.
– Radiation Gem (406) – 4 nether bricks + 1 snowball.
– Dart Shooter (407) – 1 iron ingot + 1 super cpu.
– Teleport Gem (408) – 4 strings + 1 super cpu.
– The Shield (409) – 2 diamonds + 2 iron ingots + 1 super cpu.
– Thunder Axe (410) – 5 iron ingots + 2 gold ingots.
– Fyre Stinger (411) – 1 iron ingot + 1 gold ingot.

Super CPU (413):

The Super CPU is crafted with three redstone dusts and two class panes. It’s the basic component in the most crafting recipes for the super power items.
Super Powers Mod 1
Fire Blaster (404):

With a Fire Blaster in hand you can turn any block into fire by tapping with the Fire Blaster on that block. It deals a total of twelve damage so killing pigs and alike are instant kills.

Super Powers Mod 2
Dart Shooter (407):

The Dart Shooter is similar to a bow. It’s a very precise weapon with accurate aiming but fires on shorter distances than a bow. It reloads quickly so you can literally spray your enemies with darts.

Super Powers Mod 3
Teleport Gem (408):

The little gem allows you to teleport to anywhere you point and tap with it at. Spider-Man was the inspiration for the item and it almost like his spider web power except the spider web.

Super Powers Mod 4
The Shield (409):

The Shield can be placed anywhere you like to place a huge block of glass between you and an enemy. If it’s placed on an item it will deal a total of 12 damage so it’s quite powerful.

Super Powers Mod 5
Thunder Axe (410):

It’s one of the few items which doesn’t need a Super CPU to be crafted. When you tap with it on the ground it will take a couple of seconds before a blast happens. Basically it calls for the thunder which comes from heaven to cause the blast (which by the way deals 10 in damage) in a few seconds.

Super Powers Mod 6
Fyre Stinger (411):

The Fyre Stinger does 5 damages per hit and sets mobs on fire when you use it on them. It’s not as powerful as the other items you’ve seen above but it’s definitely a useful item.

Super Powers Mod 7
Radiation Gem (406):

The Radiation Gem isn’t functional as an item itself but is instead part of the Radioactive Blast crafting recipe.

Super Powers Mod 8
Radioactive Blast (412):

The Radioactive Blast does a total of 25 damage per hit which means it’s an incredible powerful item.

Super Powers Mod 9



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