T-Rex Mod

T-Rex Mod was created by MooGaming227. This mod adds a Tyrannosaurus to the game which can be tamed and used as your pet dinosaur. It’s the perfect weapon against large groups of monsters since it deals a lot of damage and got more health than your ordinary wolf pet. But it isn’t overpowered because it can actually die if you aren’t feeding it or doesn’t let it rest between fights.

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T-Rex Mod
This mod requires an Internet connection (as it loads textures from the Internet) in order to work.

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How to use T-Rex Mod

The T-rex will spawn randomly in your world but you can also use the creative inventory to obtain a T-rex spawn egg (ID: 2957).
T-Rex Mod
To tame a T-rex you will need a lot of raw meat. Tap on the dinosaur with the meat to try to tame it.
T-Rex 1
It took me 10-15 raw meat before it finally said it got tamed. But it’s not really tamed yet, it’s just friendly and won’t attack you.

To actually tame it you will need some bones. Then walk up to the T-rex and long-tap on it with the bone to make the Tame button appear.

T-Rex 2

The T-rex can be used as a deadly weapon against monsters. But be careful, you need to make sure it gets time to rest and you also need to feed it otherwise it will eventually die.

T-Rex 3


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