The Orphanage Map

The Orphanage Map is an adventure and horror map which incredibly scary by using custom sounds like footsteps and thunder. To play this map you have to install two mods, one which enables redstone and the other which adds scary functionalities to the map.

Download Links

How to install:
– Download the .ZIP file.
– Copy the minecraft-jukebox folder and paste it to: /sdcard/games/com.mojang/
– Copy the THE ORPHANAGE v2 folder and paste it to: /sdcard/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds/
– Install PocketPower Mod if you not have it installed.
– Start BlockLauncher and install the textures (Horror Pack by
– Use BlockLauncher to import the ModPE script (The Orphanage Mod by GifferTheCrafter.js).
– Restart BlockLauncher and go to your list of worlds and enter a world called The Orphanage.

Info & Screens


– Don’t sleep (game will crash).
– Don’t break or place any blocks.
– Press the button in the lobby to start the map.
– Play on hard.
– Set brightness to max 50%.
– Use all chalks properly (e.g. first chalk should only be used for first use, then second chalk only for second etc).

The Orphanage Map 1

Orphanage Map 2

Orphanage Map 3

Orphanage Map 4

Orphanage Map 5


iOS Non-Jailbreak Install

iOS Jailbreak Install
Android Install

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