The Prison Break Map

The Prison Break Map is an adventure map inspired and based on the popular Prison Break TV series. It’s one of the most clever maps and is definitely worth playing if you enjoy some tense action, clever puzzles and an intriguing story.

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Grab the gear, gunpowder and compass from one of the chests at spawn. Put on the gear and use the compass to locate the supermarket. Read the signs to continue through the map.

– Set difficulty to peaceful.
– Don’t break/place blocks unless told to do so.
– Read all signs.

It’s not easy to escape prison. One of the challenges include crawling through a vent.

The Prison Break 1

The Prison Break Map

The bank includes multiple puzzles which needs to be solved before accessing the vault.

The Prison Break 2

The Prison Break 4

The Prison Break 3

Tripwires are connected to alarms (redstone lamps). Make sure not to trip!

The Prison Break 5


iOS Non-Jailbreak Install

iOS Jailbreak Install
Android Install

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