The Samurai Mod – SamuraiCraft

The Samurai Mod aka SamuraiCraft by Kingbudderjr. Basically the mod allows you to become a Samurai.

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New Weapons:

The Samurais favorite sword, crafted from 2 iron blocks and 1 sticks, it is expensive but its worth for the 18 damage it deals!
SamuraiCraft 1

A quite good long range weapon, putting 4 iron ingots into a crafting table will give you 16 of these throwable shard “things”!
Use the USE button to shoot the “thing”!!
SamuraiCraft 2

Master Katana:
Dropped from the Master boss it deals 40 damage and sets mob on fire.

New Armor:
SamuraiCraft 3

Samurai Helmet:
No big deal its just looks good!

SamuraiCraft 4
Samurai Chestplate:
Gives you protection.

SamuraiCraft 5
Samurai Leggings:
Gotta go fast!!!

SamuraiCraft 6
Samurai Boots:
Jump boost op!

SamuraiCraft 7

Each samurai has his master, each master had his master.
But in order to become a Master you must be more powerful then you own master, yep that the rule…
Craft you masters spawn egg with 2 katana and 1 egg.

SamuraiCraft 8

Its time to see who is the best!
SamuraiCraft 9
When killed the master has a chance of dropping a Master Katana, the chance is bigger if you use a vanilla tool.


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