Tinker’s Construct Mod

Tinker’s Construct Mod is a port of an extremely successful MCPC mod.

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Tinker’s Construct Mod v1.9 (beta support mcpe 0.11.1)
Tinker’s Construct Mod v1.8 (support mcpe 0.10.x)

Info & Screens

New features in 1.0
-Smeltery! Read the guide on the main thread
-Cactus Tools! (Pickaxe, Broadsword, Rapier, Frying Pan, Chisel)
-Added PC sound for the Frying Pan hit
-Added 2 books (Materials and You – Part 1, and The Diary Of a Wandering Tinkerer)
-Added Slime islands
-Added MUCH MUCH MUCH more chiseling (Fancy Bricks, Hardened Clay bricks, Netherrack, bricks and more!)
-All important items added to creative inventory
-Got rid of the “Functions” file
-Removed Tool Forge (Too Buggy)

So, to really efficiently smelt Iron, you are going to want a Smeltery. This section is telling you how to create and use the smeltery.

Step #1:
Find some Clay and some Gravel. Craft “Grout” in the crafting table, and then smelt the Grout in the Furnace to get 1 Seared Brick(Item).

Step #2:
Once your Grout has smelted, go to the StoneCutter and craft some Seared Brick(Block). You will need 18 of it. Use the rest to create 1 Smeltery Controller, 1 Seared Drain, 1 Casting Table, and one Seared Tank.

Also go into the Crafting Table and craft a “Ingot Cast”

Step #3:
Find a flat area and place Seared Brick like this:

Then, put them around the side like this:

Place a Smeltery Controller, Seared Tank, and Seared Drain in the places shown here(Make Sure the Controller’s Furnace side is facing toward you, otherwise it will not work):

Then Place your Casting Table here:

And Place your “Ingot Cast” on it, like this:

Now, get a Bucket Of Lava and tap on the Seared tank with it. It should fill up the Tank. Place a Piece of Iron or Gold Ore in the middle, and then tap the Controller. The Smeltery Should fill up with Liquid Iron or Gold (Don’t Step in it or go to close) like this:

Then go and tap the Drain. An Iron Ingot will pop out of the Casting table, and the liquid iron will only be half full. Tap on the drain again to get your last iron ingot.

Done! The Smeltery is a work in progress, and for now only Iron can be Smelted like this, but there will be much more in the future.

~Smeltery Upcoming~
*Better Casting animation
*Smelt More things
Tinker's Construct Mod

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First of all, to use any mod/mods you will need Blocklauncher or Blocklauncher pro. You can find it on the app store (for kindle and android only).

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Step 4 : Click the manage ModPE scripts option.

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Step 7 : Find where the mods that you downloaded went (usually under downloads).

Step 8 : Click the mod that you wish to install.

Step 9 : Enjoy the mod/mods that you installed.

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