Too Many Items Mod

Too Many Items is A mod which allows you to easily spawn items and blocks, switch between day and night and a lot of other things which makes the gameplay so much better accessible.
You may want Advanced Too Many Items Mod.

Download Links

How to patch:
This mod requires BlockLauncher
1. Make sure “Unknown sources” are enabled in device’s settings
2. Download and install this .apk on your device:
Too Many Items Mod v19 (Advanced too many items – Support MCPE 0.11)
old version
Too Many Items Mod v18 (Advanced too many items – Support MCPE 0.10)
Too Many Items Mod v17
3. Make sure addons are enabled in BlockLauncher’s settings

Info & Screens

How to use?

Once the mod is installed and you have launched Minecraft PE then there will be a new button called M in the bottom right corner.

When tapping the M button a couple of news button in the top left and a main menu on the right will pop up – all is very self-explanatory.

E.g. you can spawn blocks, armors, tools and much more simply by tapping a few buttons.

Button Features

  • Get any item/block you want at any time
  • Switch between day/night, creative/survival
  • Heal button & kill
  • Set spawn
  • Ride animal (gives you an item which you can tap with on an animal to ride it)
  • Entity manager (advanced mobs adding system)
  • Settings allow you to change the button positions
  • Polish translation exists if interested

Too Many Items

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