Too Much Spice mod

Another Kingbudderjr’s mod called Too Much Spice mod (aka TMS). This mod adds inside Mcpe, Spicy Peppers and amazing other stuff you can do with this new food!

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How to get Peppers?
Some trading will be required.
In order to get your very first Spicy Pepper, you need to find a Villager and some Emeralds too.
Tap on the villager with the emerald, you will lose 1 emerald but you will gain 1 Spicy Pepper.
Too Much Spice mod 1
After that instead of wasting emeralds you can start farming them.
Too Much Spice 2
Tap on the soil dirt and wait some time, Pepper crops grow really fast.
Too Much Spice 3
When harvesting crops (simply break the crop), there’s a chance you will get 1-3 peppers or… a Spicy Creeper will spawn.
Spicy Creepers have less health then normal ones and when killed or when exploded will drop even more Spicy Peppers.
Too Much Spice 4

Spicy Utilities / Tools:
When you think you got enough Peppers you can start making your tools.
The main resource its needed for crafting the tools is the Spicy Shard.
Too Much Spice 5
Here’s all the tools you will be able to craft:

Pepper N’ Steel:
Too Much Spice 6
Original tools, works like a Flint N’ Steel,
still its durability is very low.

Spicy Sword:
Too Much Spice 7
Deals 10 damage (5 hearths) and sets the enemy on fire.

Spicy Bomb:
Too Much Spice 8
Very dangerous weapon.
To activate it, tap wherever you want to place it, after some seconds it will detonate automatically.

Spicy Staff:
Too Much Spice 9
Remember those Spicy Bombs?
Well we putted them into a stick.
Use that GUI button with “USE” on it to shoot Spicy Bombs.

Spicy Armor:
Too Much Spice 10
Very useful protects a lot.
It has even a long durability.

Spicy Pepper Blocks:
Too Much Spice 11
An efficient way of storing your Peppers.

The Pepper Chef Boss:
Let me introduce you your worst nightmare.
Sir Ronald Pepper.
Also known with the name of The Pepper Chef.
He is very angry all the time, the story tells that he was once a great chef but then someone tricked him and putted a Spicy Pepper into one of his meals. That meal was for the Culinary Critic Sir Gustó.
From that day he uses Spicy Peppers to make evil stuff and to have his revenge.
Too Much Spice 12

Too Much Spice 13

When spawned he has 2000 health (1000 hearths).
Every time you hit him he will spawn his Pepper Minions (they look like Red slimes).
These minions will explode and drop peppers.

Once you finally killed him, your reward will be the Golden Pepper Trophy which… has no use but , ehi! It looks cool.
Too Much Spice 14


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