Vanilla Foundry Mod

Vanilla Foundry Mod adds a balanced metal recycling system based around a Foundry machine which when heated with lava let you retrieve precious ingots from iron and gold tools.

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How to use this mod:
1 Download the Zip file.
2 Unzip it.
3 Patch the Resources file.
4 Patch the .js file.
5 Open the game and enjoy!

Info & Screens

The Foundry can be easily crafted with this recipe:
Vanilla Foundry 1

Vanilla Foundry 2
This machines requires lava to work.
Use a Lava Bucket on the Foundry to fill it.
Each bucket has 5-6 uses.
Vanilla Foundry 3
Those little fire particles at the bottom will tell you if the Foundry is heated or not.
After that you are free to uses any iron-gold item on the Foundry.
You will always gain only a part of the metal of the item smelted.
Either then just recycling metal items the Foundry is a really uses full and cheap ore doubling setup.
It actually can process Iron and Gold ore instantly with the gain of 1 extra Ingot from every ore.
Vanilla Foundry 4
Another cool features about the Foundry is that every time you use it, some exp will be spawned to reward you.
Iron Nuggets have been also added to the game. To prevent exploting the mod some items when smelted will give those instead of ingots.

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Foundry (209) – 7 cobblestones + 1 bucket + 1 iron bars
  • Iron Nugget (3210) – 1 iron ingots gives 9 iron nuggets
  • Iron Ingot (default) (265) – 9 iron nuggets


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