Wall-e: 10 Diamonds Under Spawn seed

In this “10 Diamonds Under Spawn seed” you will be able to find 10 diamonds without having to go anywhere far. At the spawn you should be able to spot a couple of flowers at where you are standing.

Seed: Wall-e

At the center of the flowers dig straight down until you drop into a cave. Turn around so that you face away from the pouring lava and then take the first to the right and you should stumble upon the first 6 diamonds.
10 Diamonds Under Spawn seed 1

10 Diamonds Under Spawn 2

10 Diamonds Under Spawn 3

10 Diamonds Under Spawn 4
Get back to where you came from before you turned right into the second tunnel. One of the tunnels should have loads of water flowing in your direction. Go into that tunnel and just after a few blocks in you should be able to see two diamonds on your right. The water might be hiding the diamonds so make sure to block the water flow.

10 Diamonds Under Spawn 5

10 Diamonds Under Spawn 6

There are another four diamonds. So in total you have 10 diamonds!

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