Weapons Extreme Mod

The Weapons Extreme Mod Adds 3 Different Types, 9 Different Items Into You Game, Including Katanas, Battle Axes, Scythes, All with their own Unique Abilities, Weakness and Strong Point.

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Katanas: All Katanas Deal No Knock Back, And Has A Decently high attack damage, It Is Ideal for a close range battle with a several mobs, would not recommend for a swarm of Mobs:

  • Iron Katana: +9 Attack 200 Durabilty.
  • Golden Katana: +8 Attack 100 Durability.
  • Diamond Katana: +10 Attack 300 Duribility.

Weapons Extreme Mod 1
Battle Axes: These Double Bladed Menace Deal some Crazy Damage, How ever it does come with a 2 second Recharge Time after each attack, during the recharge time, the axe will not deal any damage, meaning it is not ideal for a swarm of mobs, but for a quick 1v1 battle.

  • Iron Battle Axe: +15 Damage 200 Durability.
  • Golden Battle Axe: +12 Damage 100 Durability.
  • Diamond Battle Axe: +18 Damage 300 Durability.

Weapons Extreme 2
Scythes: These Specialised Weapons Steal Life From your Opponents, The Only Downside of this Weapons is that its ability will only activate when you dont have full health, This Is Your Dream weapon in a Swarm.

  • Iron Scythe: +7 Attack 200 Durability Heals 0.5 Heart Every Attack.
  • Golden Scythe: +6 Attack 100 Durability Heals 1.5 Hearts Every Attack.
  • Diamond Scythe: +8 Attack 300 Durability Heals 1 Heart Every Attack.

Weapons Extreme 3


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