World edit Mod MCPE

The WorldEdit PE mod lets you more easily edit the Minecraft world you play in. Once installed and loaded up in-game you can generate blocks of all kinds within the areas you select by using the commands listed below.

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It’s a quite advanced mod with lots of commands. To get what each command does it is highly recommended if you are somewhat familiar with physics and mathematics as the mod uses words related to those two subject.

Either way it is a great mod to generate structures and even forests in a quicker pace as well as challenging your logical and architectural skills.

General Commands

  • /help [page id]

Selection Commands

A selection command is used to select areas you want to edit or count the blocks within the selected area.

  • /pos1
  • /pos2
  • /wand
  • /toggLeeditwand
  • //size
  • //count [block] [data]

Region Commands

Once an area is selected with a selection command a region command can be used to generate stuff inside the selected area.

  • //set [block] [data]
  • //replace [from block] [to block] [to data]
  • //overlay [block] [data]
  • //walls [block] [data]
  • //outline [block] [data]
  • //forest

Generation Commands

Your position is always tracked within the mod which allow you with a generation command to generate things around your current position.

  • //hcyl [block] [data] [radius]
  • //cyl [block] [data] [radius]
  • //sphere [block] [data] [radius]
  • //hsphere [block] [data] [radius]
  • /forestgen [radius]
  • /pumpkins [radius]

Creator: GhostGamingPE

Worldedit PE Mod

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