WorldToPE is a tool to convert Minecraft Desktop Edition’s worlds for Minecraft Pocket Edition.

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– Convert worlds from Minecraft PC 1.2 and above to worlds compatiable with MCPE 0.9.0 and above.
– All blocks that exist in both PC and PE are converted directly – any blocks that do not exist in PE are turned into wools
– Horizontal size of the convertion area is not limited – any chunks that were generated in PC will be converted.

Currently not supported – possible future additions
– Mobs and other entities are not transferred.
– Inventories of chests and furnaces are not transferred.
– Signs are not transferred.
– only the lower 128 blocks of a world is converted, because MCPE’s world height is lower than MCPC’s.

WorldToPE 1
WorldToPE 2

WorldToPE 3


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iOS Jailbreak Install

Android Install

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